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There’s budgets, depreciation of existing hardware, limitation of environment, time constraints, manageability, peer pressure, and so many other factors that come into play.

How We Can Help

Anyone can throw a system at the problem, but in the end that’s probably going to just add to the already overwhelming workload. Our team of experts LISTEN!! More so, we have the resources at our disposal if it’s not exactly right, we’ll work to get it to the “right that is right for you.”

What Works Best for You?


By definition, this is equipment that resides primarily on the customer’s premise. All of your appliances, servers, power supplies, etc. are onsite and directly accessible and manageable by you the customer. Most still require access from off premise in regard to the internet, or phone lines, etc., but the end user has control over these devices and can therefore reboot them, turn them off, physically upgrade them, etc.

TLC supports numerous customers with an assortment of different systems and equipment. We can customize a plan for you. Onsite spares, system backups, site monitoring, let us know what you need, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

Hosted Systems

Hosted systems are cloud based or on the providers premise rather than the customer’s site. The only hardware onsite are the physical phones/ workstations and network switches. The hosted system is traditionally a large system in a data center which is segmented into smaller systems for the subscribers. The end user location is connected to the virtual system via the internet. IN the case of the Hosted Phone System, the dial tone is provided by the hosting company and directed over the internet as well.

Hosted Systems are the latest buzzword, but is it right for you?

This is a question we hear often. While sales & marketers will tell you “yes” and create elaborate details about how it well it works, realistically, your situation dictates what’s right for you.

Managed Services

On-premise or hosted, both of these can fall under the managed services umbrella which simply means all aspects of the applications are outsourced. Need phones moved, MANAGED. Need desktops deployed, MANAGED. Name changes, new auto-attendant application, call center queues need updated, all MANAGED SERVICES.

Provider Support

We establish relationships with the manufacturers and the support teams to insure you have access to the best support when you need it.

We live by the moto:

"It’s not what you know, it’s who you know that knows what you need to know, when you need to know it."

Voice Communications

We’ve installed phone system for customers with five users as well as customers for 5000 users.

My opinion is that the range keeps us humble reminding us to treat the 5000 user project exactly the same as the five users who invite you in for a cup of coffee while family members work around them.

We always want to have the relationship with our customers where they know we care.

What systems do we support, better yet, what system is right for you? Anyone who answers that question without first understanding your needs, your environment, & the obstacles you face is tied to a specific manufacturer, and trust me, one size does not fit all.

Let me know what you need first and then we’ll work together to answer that question intelligently.

We also establish relationships with the voice providers so when it comes time for you to obtain or change services, we are up to speed on who can take care of you the best.


TLC offers a VoiceMail Service Bureau application that allows you to obtain a local or 800#, provide it to your customer’s, and they play recorded messages, take pertinent information, even call out to a designated phone if need be.

Need to add this application to your site? No problem. We can have a service bureau up and running at your facility in no time.

Call or email and find out more today.


Voice Conferencing or Video Conferencing, both have taken tremendous strides from the kludgy technology of the past, which cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Today’s technology allows you to inexpensively jump on the internet and start up a voice conference for hundreds of people in a matter of minutes.

Video? Pretty much the same thing from your desktop with your laptop camera, or even your phone.

Like everything, this is a “what do you want, what do you need” question. The biggest obstacle in conferencing is making sure you aren’t paying more than you need to.

Contact Center

From 5 agents to 5 thousand, the Call Center is a Magnificent Beast because of how easy it is to become immensely complex when it usually can be made very simple.

If it is multi-Language, national or international, business hours or 24/7 our professional services team will work with you to strive for more Magnificent, less Beast.

Visual Communications & AV Integration

Need a TV hung? How about Studio Conference Room that records & broadcasts your message to the world.

Maybe even a Conference Room Manager that users can reserve rooms through a scheduler in their email software where in the room they broadcast a video of a presenter working on a white board that’s every stroke of the marker appears on your desktop and you are thousands of miles away.

Let your creativity run wild. We’ll make it work.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation