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Established 1991 We have the agility and resources to find the best solution for your project.


From a sales perspective, remember the "what are your needs" question is the most important thing.

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In our business, we work with end users and because of the quality of our work & our expertise, more often than not, we also work as subcontractors.

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Monitoring / Maintenance

If it is a full blown 24/7, 365 days a year agreement or just time & materials, we can most likely support your maintentance needs.

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Turnkey Solutions & Services

Project Engineering

  • Vendor Coordination
  • Design Creation
  • Project Timelines & Milestones
  • SLA's
  • Return on Investment (ROI's)
  • Long-Term Progression

Structured Cabling Indoor/Outdoor

  • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A
  • Coax
  • Fiber


  • Hybrid WAN and Internet
  • Next-Generation Network
  • Enterprise Mobility

Telecommunications & Unified Communications

  • Provider Support
  • Voice Communications
  • Messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Contact Center
  • Visual Communications
  • AV Integration & Implementation


Cloud is truly the great buzzword of our industry. There is public, private, hybrid, etc., etc.

The real question is what does your organization really need, and then weighing the pros and cons, and will it work for you?

We Align with Customers, not Products

Technology solutions shouldn't be tethered to products.

We are not tied to any one vendor, so so our priority is what is best for you — not what is best for vendors.


Data Redundancy = Peace of Mind

Data Redundancy
Data Redundancy
Data Redundancy
Data Redundancy
Data Redundancy
Data Redundancy
Data Redundancy
Data Redundancy
Data Redundancy
Data Redundancy


Legacy versus VoIP

Are you relying on a legacy system?

Has your business outgrown your sytem's capacities?

Despite what you might have been told, integration is an option.


The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away. Pablo Picasso

I recognize that we are truly blessed. Blessed to have a successful business and to have been successful in business for as long as we have. Blessed to be involved with some amazing people that are not only our customers, but are also our friends. I could go on but our blessings seem endless.

So with that said, we recognize that there are those out there that aren’t as blessed and need just a little help to get through the things they are struggling with. Trust me, we pale in coparison to those that dedicate their lives to the areas of helping. For us, it is an honor and a privilege to be able to give what we can, no matter if it’s financial, equipment, or just our time by showing up. It is something we as a company will always do because we are so grateful that we are blessed.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation